DIY Looped Double Dropper (20-packs)


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Looped Double Paternoster Rigs available in 20-Packs only. Ideal for both land based and from a boat. (LIMITED STOCK)

Choose the Line Diameter you want from the pull down menu at the top of the listing.

50LB / 0.64mm Line Diameter
60LB / 0.74mm Line Diameter
80LB / 0.84mm Line Diameter
100LB / 0.97mm Line Diameter
120LB / 1.17mm Line Diameter
150LB / 1.26mm Line Diameter
200lb / 1.48mm Line Diameter

Top tag length: 400mm
Loop lengths: 160mm
Loop Gap: 350mm
Bottom tag length: 600mm

We have done all the hard work for you.

How do they Work?
Simply loop on your hooks, tie the top tag end to your main line, tie a sinker to the Bottom or tie a loop to change your sinkers easily.
and that’s it! You’re ready to catch fish!

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