Ball Bearing Swivels 10-Packs

Japanese made Premium Quality Swivels. Solid Brass/Satin black coated


Japanese made Premium Quality Swivels. Solid Brass/Satin black coated.

Size-1 30lb/13kg. Swivel Length: 15mm Ring Inside Diameter: 3.25mm 10-Pack
Size-2 50lb/22kg. Swivel Length: 17mm Ring Inside Diameter: 3.95mm 10-Pack
Size-3 80lb/36kg. Swivel Length: 19mm Ring Inside Diameter: 4mm 10-Pack
Size-4 100lb/45kg. Swivel Length: 22mm Ring Inside Diameter: 5mm 10-Pack
Size-5 150lb/68kg. Swivel Length: 25mm Ring Inside Diameter: 5.20mm 10-Pack
Size-7 200lb/90kg. Swivel Length: 32mm Ring Inside Diameter: 7mm 10-Pack
Size-8 300lb/136kg. Swivel Length: 34mm Ring Inside Diameter: 7.85mm 10-Pack
Size-10 400lb/181kg. Swivel Length: 39mm Ring Inside Diameter: 8.35mm 10-Pack


Increased line twist in the main fishing line can make it difficult to cast or retrieve and can even stress the line to the breaking point. Swivels provide an axis point that allows leaders or rigs to spin, yet keeps the main line still. This reduces the amount of twist.


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