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Indoor Fishing Simulator IDF-1
The most realistic Arcade Fishing Simulator game
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eel the fish strike, the rod bends, the reel screams and the fight plays out in front of you on a TV Screen


The most realistic simulation of fighting a fish there is without getting wet!Using a real fishing rod and reel you feel the fish strike, the rod bends, the reel screams and the fight plays out in front of you on a TV Screen.

Comes with 5x Aussie species.

Sport Fishing or Big Game:
Marlin, King Fish, Dolphin Fish

Light Tackle:
Trout, Squidsimulator-idf-m1-high-speed-640

 Includes 2x Drag Settings. Just change from Sport Fishing to Game Fishing with the flick of a switch. 

Simple to use..

•Plug the 240v power cord into a wall socket.
•Plug the RCA cables in to your TV. (HDMI available)
•Loop the end of the fishing line over the pin on the Simulator machine spool.
•Choose your species then press play on the remote control and you are fishing!

Machine weight is 19kg. 50cm x 50cm x 20cm. Machine does not need to be anchored to the ground it will not move.

Operating Instructions and further information can be downloaded HERE

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The Indoor Fishing Simulator is far more than a toy, designed to train and perfect fishing endurance and technique. Now is your chance to try it out and feel the realistic sensation for yourself. The only difference between this and the real thing is you won’t get wet.

Watch the fight play out in front of you on the screen and experience a realistic fishing simulation.

High and low drag setting for novice to the experienced fisherpersons.

Teach kids correct fishing technique or flick it on high and take on your friends in a competition.

The score is recording during the simulations from the LED display the highest score wins.

Can you loose a fish? Yes the IDF-1 has a line break function just as in the real thing if you give it to much tension on the reel you can pull the hook.

Can be used with any T/V or monitor. You will need at least 3m from tip of the rod to the spool on the IDF-1 unit (further is better)

We suggest using an overhead reel to prevent line twist. Spin reels will develop line twist over time.

Simulations are a fixed time the score will be different each time depending on skill and technique.

Keep consistent tension don’t wind when the fish runs and get line back when it slows and changes direction.

Marlin, Dolphin Fish and King Fish simulations run for around 3min the Squid and trout are around 2min. 3min is that all you say??? Flick the drag setting to high, set the drag on your reel to heavy fight then see what you think after 3min.


Designed and built in Australia.

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