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Land Based Pulley Rigs



Surfcasting Pulley Rigs with Impact Shield / Hook Float Bobber.
Increase your casting distance increase your catch. Pulley Rigs allow you to fold your rigs in ½  making casting a breeze.
Impact Shield allows for much longer casting distance and releases Hook on impact.
50lb Ultra XT leader to Hook. 60lb Ultra XT Leader on pulley rig section.
Your choice of 4/0 or 6/0 Penotrate Offset Turned Eye Circle Hook.
* Pulley Rig with Hook Float lifts your bait up off the bottom making it more visible to hungry fish.
If fishing for flathead we suggest the Pulley Rigs without the Hook Bobber Float to keep baits on the bottom.

Hook Size

4/0, 6/0, Mixed


Pulley, Pulley + Bobber Float, Mixed

Pack Size

Single, 5-Pack, 10-Pack, 8-Pack (Mixed Only), 16-Pack (Mixed Only)