Quick Change Lure Clips S/S 25-Packs

25-Packs Japanese made Premium Quality Swivels. S/S Black Satin coated


Quick Change Lure Clips 25-Pack.

Simply roll your Lure on and off. No need to open the clip!!! (See video tutorial below)

This Quick Change Lure Clip is a made from Stainless Steel. They allow the angler to easily change between lures without retying knots. Unique swivel design removes line twist from casting, retrieving and trolling. No need to open the clip simple roll on and off lure see the Tutorial video attached. A great innovation for the fisherman that changes lures frequently. The Quick Change Lure Clip is  available in a range of  sizes 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg & 15kg.

Tutorial Video ~ See how easy it is to use Lure Clips

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