Strayline Rigs


The latest addition to the Hairy Backs range “Australia’s favourite Fishing Rigs”.
Only available from Rig Master Tackle.

Strayline Single Hook Rigs are made from only the highest quality components.
Penotrate Inline Circle Hook.
Ultra XT Shock Leader.
Sorido Swivels.
Reactive Lumo Silica. “Glows bright”

Reactive Silica Hair is highly attractive to all species of Fish day and night. Attracts fish that are not in the bait scent line and promotes reactive bites in fish that are not in feeding mode. Reactive Silica Hair mimics live fish movement and fish just can’t resist the action with the added attraction that it glows bright in dark water. Can be used with or without bait day or night, but we suggest to use bait to add the extra attraction of scent.

Premium quality Penotrate Inline circle hooks are ideal in current and helps prevent baits from spinning.

Set your drag to fight setting and you shouldn’t need to change it during the fight. Don’t strike when you are getting bites.. I know that can be hard for a keen angler. Let the fish take the bait and swim away with the hook in their mouth. The hook will move to the corner of the fishes mouth for the perfect hook up every time. “Don’t strike” lift rod and start winding into fish to insure Hook is set.

If you fish in mild to strong current the Hairy Backs Strayline Rig is the one you want. Available in 3/0 to 10/0 Hook sizes..

For calm to very little water current our range of Double Paternoster Rigs are a more suited choice HERE

If you are looking for a double Hook rig for strong water current our range of Slider Rigs are what you are looking for HERE

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3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, 7/0, 8/0, 10/0

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