Flathead Rigs


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Double Paternoster Twisted Loops for the perfect bait presentation- Tangle Free


Double Paternoster Flathead Rig

This rig has it all covered; Land Based, Rocks, Surf or Boat, with a
great compact design making it easy to cast.
This is the ultimate Flatty Weapon.
Works very well on many other species as well.
Bottom bouncing or Land Based, its our new #1 favorite.

“Hairy Backs” rigs are built with premium quality materials ensuring a quality product so you get the best results every time.

•Has 2x 4/0 Penotrate Triple X Circle Hooks which are made from a thicker gauge wire than most, and are double nickel plated making them ultra high rust resistant.

•Tied from our highest grade Ultra XT 40lb Shock Leader

•Includes our superior Japanese made Sorido Crane Swivel

•Highly reflective attractant hair to bring fish in from far away

•with 2x Soft lumo/glow beads making the rigs even more enticing in deep water or at night

•Just a small amount of bait should be used. These rigs can even catch fish without bait.

 Don’t risk that fish of a lifetime to an inferior product. Insist on the Best.
Hairy Backs