Strikem 5-10kg Fishing Rod


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Rod Rating:  5-10kg / 2-Piece (at the butt)
Line Class:
Rod length:
Rod Blank: 24-TON Carbon 25% Kevlar
Components: Full Fuji Guides and Reel Seat
Full Ripple Butt Grips
Rubber Gimble Butt
Strikem Reactive Range of Spin Rods
Carbon Fibre Rods are known for their incredible strength and sensitivity. They are also known to break easily if impacted on the side fracturing the Carbon Fibres. So can you have all that power and feel of Carbon Fibre as well as durability? The answer is YES!
We have designed our Rods with a Kevlar Core and Kevlar overwrap. This gives the Carbon Fibre unrivalled impact strength acting like a bullet proof vest. The Kevlar does make the Rods a bit stiff when brand new but will quickly stretch with use and perform like no other Rod you have ever used. The new Strikem Rods are truly amazing.
The new Reactive Fibre Range of Rods are built with only the very best components with no compromise on quality or design. The Rod blanks are constructed with 75% 24-TON Carbon Fibre and 25% Kevlar Fibre intertwined and fused under extreme pressure. We then added a Kevlar overwrap making the new range of Strikem Reactive Fibre Rods like no other.

Full Fuji SIC Guides. Fuji Reel Seat.  
This rod is a fast action blank giving greater sensitivity with amazing lifting strength in the mid-section of the Rod. Ideal for fresh and salt water rivers, lakes and estuary. Casting and bait fishing this Rod has it all covered. Fitted with single foot guides to maximise the sensitivity of this 24TON Carbon blank.
The Strikem Ripple Grip Butt design is unique. Designed for comfort and control, offers greater grip for wet hands and sits ideal in a wire rod rack.
Rubber Gimble Butt gives comfort in a stand-up fight with a gimble belt.