Ultra XT Fluorocarbon Shock Leader


6lb/2.7kg Length:30m – 0.21mm Line Diameter
8lb/4kg Length:30m – 0.25mm Line Diameter
12lb/5kg Length:30m – 0.29mm Line Diameter
15lb/7kg Length:30m – 0.35mm Line Diameter
20lb/9kg Length:30m – 0.41mm Line Diameter
25lb/11kg Length:30m – 0.45mm Line Diameter

Benefits of Fluorocarbon
Superior Knot Strength – Ultra XT is easier to tie than most fluorocarbon.
Ultra Clear ~ Invisible Under Water – Light goes through fluorocarbon fishing line the same way it goes through water since the refractive index is the same for both. Fish are often line shy, especially in clear water, and invisible line helps overcome this problem.
Density – Fluorocarbon line sinks in water so it helps get your bait down more quickly.
Lack of Stretch – Most mono filament lines stretch but fluorocarbon does not stretch much. So, on long casts it makes your hook set more effectively.
Extreme Wear Resistance – Ultra XT Fluorocarbon is abrasion resistant, meaning you can rub the line on rocks or wood without making it weaker as you would with traditional mono filament line.
Casing is Slimline (12mm thick) for this product

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