Flathead/Salmon Hairy Hooks


Hairy Hooks are essentially a fly hook, yes they can catch fish without bait but are designed to be baited. The hair and fleck on the back of the hook (Hairy Hooks) are designed to attract fish outside of the scent range and promote a more aggressive take.


Salmon Hairy Hooks
3/0 Red Sports Circle Hook (with luminescent fleck)
More suited to larger salmon that fight harder and jump in the surf.
Sport circle hooks are a slightly different shape than standard circle hooks offering excellent hook hold with jumping fish and landing fish in the surf.

Flathead Hairy Hooks
4/0 Black Circle Hook. (highly reflectant fleck)
A larger heavier gauge hook designed for fighting larger species.
Of course they don’t only catch flathead, suitable for all species of fish.
From smaller reef species to snapper and much more.

All Hooks are available in plain hooks from our Penotrate Hook section.

Available in Mixed Only


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